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Case Study: The Phoenix Coyotes

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The real winners are the causes supported by the Coyote's Foundation after the implementation of 5050 Central sees returns of +723%

Key Results

average revenue per game


Up until 2011, the Phoenix Coyotes operated a manual paper-based 50/50 raffle at Coyotes home games. Up to and through the 2010/11 NHL season, the Coyotes averaged a gross pot of approximately $2,000 per game.

In November, 2011, the Coyotes installed 5050 Central's automated raffle management system into Jobing.com Arena in Glendale. 5050 Central was an immediate success. On the first night, the Coyotes' Foundation generated a gross pot of over $14,000 and subsequent games have also produced startling results including the Flyers v. Coyotes game on December 28th, 2011 which produced a pot of $38,770!   

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