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Case Study: North Dakota State University

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The NDSU Team Makers Club increased their average 50/50 raffle sales per person by 41% while greatly increasing their financial control and accountability

Key Results

The Situation

After operating a 50/50 raffle at North Dakota State football games for the last six seasons, the NDSU Team Makers were already a well-oiled fundraising machine - fundraising a respectable $21,000 per game in raffle revenues. Despite these decent returns, the organization wanted to take the program to the next level. After a complete investigation of the marketplace, Team Makers made the decision to enhance their program with the 5050 Central system.

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In just the first season with 5050 Central, the average pot size increased to over $28,000 per game. The 39% increase in raffling revenues was not the only benefit for Team Makers. The accounting transparency and credibility brought to charitable raffles by 5050 Central has increased operational efficiency and fan participation. Furthermore, the powerful reporting features within the electronic system allow for precise post-raffle reconciliation with the proper gaming or regulating authorities.

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NDSU full case study download Download the full case study [2MB]

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