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Case Study: Central Michigan University

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Central Michigan University increased their 50/50 total raffle sales by an incredible 360%

Key Results

The Situation

Up until 2012, Central Michigan University always operated a manual 50/50 raffle at home football games. Using the two-part perforated tickets, sellers roamed tailgate lots prior the kickoff as well as inside Kelly-Shorts Stadium through the first half. Average raffle sales were $3,455 per game.

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With the addition of the 5050 Central's electronic 50/50 raffle system, raffle results immediately surpassed CMU's previous years' numbers in every meaningful metric: total funds raised; average sales per game & average sales per person.

CMU sellers still roam the tailgate lots beyond the stadium due to 5050 Central's enhanced technology and the ability to sell outside the venue. Because all transactions are electronically recorded and the winning number can be selected using a random number generator, sales now continue into the 4th quarter as opposed to stopping after half-time under a paper raffle. The addition of more selling time, easy to tweak price points, and the ability the display the real-time raffle jackpot have dramatically increased fundraising efforts by the Athletic Department. Average raffle sales are now $11,354 per game, with a single game high of $35,785!

Fans always know: CMU's live kiosks show the raffle pot grow, enticing further sales.CMU's live kiosks

In addition to the 229% increase in per game raffle revenues, the platform has greatly enhanced the in-game experience for Chippewa fans. The real-time jackpot feature of the 5050 Central system is utilized often by operations staff by displaying it live on the scoreboard, throughout display screens on the concourse and including it in PA announcements. The $0.71 per person in attendance, up from $0.22 per person in 2011, generated over the football season has provided the CMU Athletic Department with a new tool for their fans and fundraising efforts, soon to be used at other sporting events across campus.

average sales per person with 5050

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cmu full case study download Download the full case study [1MB]

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