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Case Study: Food Depot Alimentaire

Food Depot Alimentaire Case Study  Download full case study  [747KB]

Food Depot Alimentaire Case Study


The Food Depot Alimentaire's mission is to collect & distribute food to - and advocate for - the less fortunate. The non-profit is united by a passion to assist those facing financial challenges in the community. It is powered by dedicated volunteers who believe in the cause, but at the end of the day, it relies on fundraising to keep the food flowing to those most in need.

Key Results

The Situation

The Food DEPOT, a non-profit dedicated to feeding and protecting the less fortunate in the city of Moncton, New Brunswick, needed a new way of raising funds. Instead of hitting up the same businesses and individuals for more cash to help fund their cause, the board of directors wanted something less intrusive, even entertaining, to attract a broader base of supporters. "Hitting up the usual folks with the usual fundraising pitch was simply not going to get the results we needed" said Dale Hicks, President, "And a new, ongoing revenue stream was desperately needed to help fund our mission to help those in our community cope with hard times."

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Food Depot Alimentaire full case study download Download the full case study [747KB]

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