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Case Study: Perth-Andover Fire Department

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Perth-Andover Fire Department case quote

The Perth-Andover Fire Department used 5050 Central's "Goldrush" solution to streamline their time spent on raffle operations from 5 days to 4 hours

Key Results

The Situation

Until late November 2012, the Perth-Andover Fire Department was selling paper raffle tickets at various locations across the small community of just under two thousand. Someone then had to go to each location, collect the entries and then return to the fire hall. Each entry had to be manually counted in order to account for every purchased ticket in the raffle. At the same time, customer's names were entered manually into a database. This would require up to 12 hours of time on the day of the draw, by multiple individuals, including actual firefighters.

The Solution

The Perth-Andover Fire Department was the first non-sports organization to implement 5050 Central's (formerly Pointstreak 5050) latest innovation called "Goldrush". Goldrush is a distributed electronic 50/50 raffle system that securely networks together many small pots gathered from many locations over many days into one centralized big pot. Being a distributed raffle, the 5050 Central Goldrush has many advantages for certain types of customers over 5050 Central's typical 50/50 raffle system. For example, Goldrush allows Perth-Andover Fire Department to collect customer information (e.g. name, phone, email, etc) while allowing customers to purchase many draws in advance.

gold rush chart

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Perth-Andover Fire Department full case study download Download the full case study [1MB]

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