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Case Study: The Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds Case Study  Download full case study  [2MB]

Cincinnati Reds Case Study

5050 Central's electronic raffle system empowered the Reds Community Fund to increase raffle proceeds by 182%.

Key Results

cincinnati raffle success graph

Prior to adopting 5050 Central's electronic raffle system, the Reds Community Fund raised an average of $5,086 per game through their "Split the Pot" initiative during the Reds' 2011 season. Over two entire seasons of running Split the Pot, a grand total of 163 home games, the Reds' single highest pot was $18,197, during a 2010 playoff game against the Phillies. This record high point of $18,197 was 1 out of only 5 games over these two seasons that grossed more than $10,000. By comparison, after implementing 5050 Central for just one season, the Reds generated over $10,000 in 41 out of 86 games. Their average raffle size during the regular season? $12,211 per game; a 140% increase over their 2011 average.

Paper Raffles versus Electronic Raffles

cincinnati raffle comparison chart

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cincinnati reds full case study download Download the full case study [2MB]

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