5050 Central- Building Excitement and Communities... One raffle at a time
As a company, 5050 Central also includes a dedicated Business Strategy group, 24/7 Support Service and retained legal counsel. 5050 Central System Video

5050 Central Services

Business Strategies and Solutions group

5050 Central has formed an experienced Business Solutions group as a resource for all 5050 Central clients. The Solutions group works with each 5050 Central client to customize and incorporate “best practice” strategies to maximize raffle sales and returns

24/7 “in-person” Training and Customer Support

5050 Central maintains a fully staffed customer support and training staff. Any questions or issues are immediately addressed with a live staff member available at our offices throughout each event and raffle

Fully insured and Warranted

All of 5050 Central’s equipment and software is fully warranted and insured against any technical issues or malfunction

Legal counsel

5050 Central maintains a legal staff to assist clients in complying with any Province/State laws and regulations.

Financing options

5050 Central works with each client to develop a customized financing solution to hardware equipment costs. 5050 Central’s finance arm ensures that 5050 Central’s equipment will fit within a client’s budgetary constraints.

Technological Expertise

5050 Central has developed the technical experience and expertise to become the leader in automated raffling systems. Whether wired, or wireless, with back-up systems, mobile apps, credit/debit card readers and customized software enhancements, 5050 Central is uniquely positioned to operate at every venue, arena, stadium or event.

Financial and Historical Reporting

5050 Central’s system creates every report necessary to satisfy both internal and regulator required financial reporting requirements. Nightly raffle, ticketing and sales reports are available for immediate review.

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