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5050 Results

In every case 5050 Central has been an overwhelming success.  At the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships in Saskatoon, the total pot for the single Championship game with a crowd of 15,000 was $299,400

In Year 1, the Chicago Cubs experienced a 75 percent increase in the size of their 5050 raffle draws.  Overall, the 5050 Central system has become an integral part of the game presentation and the revenues continue to increase year over year as fans start to look for and expect that the raffle will hit high numbers.

Furthermore, teams, even at the minor league level, have not experienced any drop off  in concession related revenue.  The platform has added fun and excitement to the game day experience without being intrusive.  In fact, on most nights, fans applaud the size of the pot as they know it directly benefits local charities and worthwhile causes in their own communities.

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